Upsides and Downsides of Homework

June 2, 2021

If you ask me, homework is the most troublesome topics we have seen since its inception. Many have passionately shown their love and hate for homework basing them purely on facts gathered from research findings.

Some have claimed that homework has more benefits mainly including reinforcement of learned materials in school while others think that it mainly contributes to stress related issues among students.

In this article, we assume a neutral position in trying to provide you with the main merits and demerits of homework. Critically think about them before jumping to any conclusions.


  • Provides more training opportunities

Homework is simply repetitive in nature. As a student, you will have to repeat the same process every night religiously. This way, homework ensures that you continually revise the different concepts that you’ve already learned in class. This repetition eventually instills discipline since it can turn out to be a very boring process. That said, it also creates a level plain field for each individual to practice more and get personal training on specific areas of interest and is particularly beneficial for future vocational studies/career.

  • Promotes time consciousness

The homework concept was created to promote good study habits and proper time management is one of the main factors that ensure you achieve this particular goal. As a student, you will need to be very organized for you to be able to move away from solely aiming at completing such tasks. Furthermore, you will have to be an independent thinker who plans each session ahead of time for you to reap the ultimate price successfully. Manage your time well and you will continually finish your homework in good time.

  • Provides opportunity to network

The main essence of homework is to create a clear communication network between teachers, students, and parents. Well, neither the teacher nor the parent gets a better opportunity to step into each other’s domain if not for homework. These assignments enable teachers to identify the areas to focus on more in class and parents to identify their children’s weaknesses and strengths as well.


  • Less playing time

Life can only be maximized by finding a balance between work and play. In fact, the sages urge us to allow kids to play as much as they work or else they would generally become inactive. Ironically, things aren’t always balanced in life especially if you are a student. You sometimes have to deal with too much homework assignment that you literally don’t remain with any free tie for child play and social interaction. As suspected, this leads to poor character development and general health issues at an early age.

  • Promotes inactivity

Students are often focused on building their academic achievements. Many often confuse this with spending long hours working on homework assignments as well as personal academic tasks. Sadly, many teachers focus more on homework quantity rather than quality these days too. This means that most of our children are becoming more sedentary in life and this is negatively affecting on their health as well as accomplishments.

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